Croydon Drain Repair

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Express Croydon drain experts cover all aspects of drainage so if your drains are damaged, collapsed or simply need replacing, we can arrive at your property within 60-90 minutes*. Our Croydon drainage engineers include effective solutions for burst pipe repair, leak repair and leak detection.

Using CCTV drain surveys we can get to the route of the problem and when possible avoid excavation and apply in situ drain repairs. Our friendly operators are available 24/7 to provide free quotes and estimates.

Croydon drain cleaning 24/7

Express Croydon drains have years of experience in dealing with blocked drains. Using our advanced Croydon drain cleaning methods, 99% of the time we can remove the drain blockage within the hour.

Using drain jetting and manual rodding we will remove the drain blockage quickly and safely. If the drainage problem is more complex we can use state of the art cctv drain survey equipment to get to the route of the problem and find the best solution. This can often highlight collapsed drains.

Drain services include

  • 24 hour* drainage services in Croydon
  • No call out charges
  • 30-90 minute response*
  • Domestic & commercial properties
  • Insurance approved & guaranteed
  • Freewritten estimates & quotes

Grease Traps

Commonly used in restaurants, take-aways and large-scale businesses, this prevents a large percentage (roughly 85-90%, though some high capacity ones employed by large businesses claim up to 99%) of grease, oil, lard and other fats from progressing from the sink(s) to the main drain by means of separation.

The grease will sink to the bottom of the trap, where it settles into a layer. The mostly-clear wastewater left over is then allowed to flow to the drain normally. This drainage system needs to be emptied periodically, with the collected grease either recycled, or disposed of.

These types of systems were created to virtually eliminate the problem of fats and suchlike building up over time, and clogging up the main drain system. In practice, it either greatly reduces the frequency between drain unblocking, or has little effect, because of neglecting to empty the trap.